Azure Site Recovery Replication Policy hangs from AWS

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Hello there:


We are trying to Migrate from AWS EC2 to Azure using Site Recovery (ASR), and we are following this document:


4 Replication settings Prepare

You need to create a replication policy, before you can enable replication <===== It hangs here!!!

  1. Click + Replicate and Associate.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions how to resolve.





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We have similar situation. But guessing it may be due to appliance server storage spaces. As we were doing POC for only one AWS EC2 source server, we made Appliance EC2 only 200 GB instead of recommended 2*600 GB. We are redoing in case that is the issue. Otherwise we followed the documentation line by line. My ask is is the storage is the real issue or something else. It takes lot of time to setup the POC.