Azure Migrate Assessment without VMware vCenter connection

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Is it possible to start a Azure Migrate Assessment without VMware vCenter connection? We've multiple large multi-tenant clusters and we need to perform an assessment for just a few customers. So, how can we start a Azure Assessment for that specific customers? We can't setup a connection to the vCenter environments, because of security reasons.
We want a overview of the costs, performance, RI, Hybrid Benefits, etc..

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@Mark Swinkels  You can assess on-premises machines with the Azure Migrate: Server Assessment tool, using an imported comma-separate values (CSV) file. The detailed tutorial is here: 

@rashijoshi Is it also possible to see all the dependencies between servers when we're using the CSV import?

@Mark Swinkels No, Dependency analysis can only be used via the Azure Migrate appliance. Linking the doc here: Dependency analysis in Azure Migrate Server Assessment - Azure Migrate | Microsoft Docs