Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server in Azure VMware Solution
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Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHB) for SQL Server in Azure VMware Solution (AVS) is now Generally Available (GA). This new capability enables customers to create an Azure VMware Solution placement policy and specify the number of hosts using the Azure Hybrid Benefit. With this enabled, it will unlock unlimited virtualization through the SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance. 


With this release, customers can take advantage of Azure Hybrid Benefit on their Azure VMware Solution nodes by running their SQL Server workloads on AVS by applying existing paid SQL Server Enterprise licenses with active Software Assurance. As a result of this, the VMs on the nodes running SQL Server will be licensed using the unlimited virtualization benefit available with SQL Server licenses that have Software Assurance. To get started, customers can use the Azure portal to configure and enable VM-Host affinity placement policies through the AVS menu and create placement policies with APIs.  


For more information on Azure Hybrid Benefit, please visit Azure Hybrid Benefit—hybrid cloud | Microsoft Azure. In addition, visit Enable SQL Azure hybrid benefit for Azure VMware Solution to view how a customer can enable SQL AHB on Azure VMware Solution. 


@Varun_Hariharan, Product Manager at Microsoft explains the benefits and how to enable the SQL Hybrid Benefit for your Azure VMware Solution.



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