Azure Collector Appliance

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We have Esxi host but we do not have Vcentre Server.

Can I put Azure collector appliance on ESXi host and get server details? 

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Hey Keyur,


Just to try and help you out and get an answer.

Reading through some docs and going off what i've studied I believe this does require vCentre in order to work.


I've mostly done Hyper-V so not much help sorry, hopefully someone else who has done ESXi can clarify.

If you are looking for the dependencies it does have to be deployed through VCenter because it installs and extension from my experience. If you are simply looking for cost and size estimation it can be deployed to ESXi. The collector is in the form of an OVA template so you have to have the ability to deploy that. Please make sure you are on a supported version of ESXi though or you may run into snags. @Keyur Shah