Unable to create labs

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When I create a new lab, I end up at a "Resource not found" page, however when I look at the "Labs" under the lab plan in the azure portal, I see the labs with 0vms. I have the owner role and am a global administrator in azure. 

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@dtnbb - Where are you seeing the 'Resource not found' error? Is it in the Azure portal or the Azure Lab Services website?
This in inside the lab website. However, after ~25 minutes or so, I did end up seing the lab listed. The FE doesnt handle the "creation in progress" state very well. It wasnt clear that it was still provisioning.

Heres an example of that screen


Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 16.27.45.png

@dtnbb - Well, I'm glad to hear the lab finally provisioned. If you're willing, it would be interesting to get your repo steps. (You can send me a message directly if you don't want to reply to this thread.) I know the team is looking to fix user experience issues like this-- I'm just not sure how you got in this situation.

Elizabeth Maher, MSFT
I created a new label using the standard UI flow, My selections were Win server 2019 datacenter gen 2, and a medium nested virtualization host. (using chrome)