Problems with VMs not turning on during scheduled hours

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I currently have an issue where VMs are not being turned on automatically when the scheduled time arrives. I also noticed an issue that Users are not able to turn on their VMs within scheduled class hours either. As a result, Users are not able to access their VMs unless we manually turn them on.


In the past, this hasn't been an issue but for some reason today none of it seems to be working. I was wondering if there's something I'm missing, or if there's anything that's changed/going on with Azure Lab Services at the moment? Is anyone else also having similar issues? The settings seem simple enough and there doesn't seem to be much to the scheduling.


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@AshenOne - The scheduling behavior with Azure Lab Services hasn't changed - you should still see the VMs automatically turn on\off according to the schedule that you have set for a lab.  Are you still seeing this issue?  If so, I recommend that you log a support ticket so that this can be investigated further.