Cannot log in through ssh

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I'm a SCPD student of Stanford class XCS234 Reinforcement Learning. We use Azure to train the deep learning model.


The Azure virtual machine would give us a ssh command so that we can log in. Previsouly I can log in with it, but today it suddenly fails. But I've aksed other students and they can log in.


The reason may be that I used tmux, becaue it's the command last time I used. Then I stopped the machine and restart it, so I found that I could not log in.


I log out of my email account then log in again, but still cannot login.


So could someone at Azure restart the machine for me so that I can login via ssh?  Thank you very much. I've tried many computers, ubuntu, mac, windows, but none of them can log in now.



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Sorry to hear that you are having issues with accessing your lab VM.

For issues like this that are impacting students, you will need to contact your teacher and\or your school's IT department. They will be able to help you you resolve this issue.