Simulate the edge device data using an excel/CSV file (Using VS Toolkit and Python SDK)

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I am a Data Scientist and quite new to IoT Edge deployment space. I am working on a Proof of Concept of deploying an ML model on an edge device. End goal is to show the classifier input and output from Edge device into IoT Hub and then onto a Power BI application.


I have my model deployed in ACI and also have the model container image ready. I want to simulate the data generation of 10 features with 10k rows (I already have this data as a test set)  in that edge device so that my classifier model can do inference on those data points. Can I achieve this using VS IoT Toolkit and Python SDKs. 


References that I know are -


But, I am frankly having a hard time going through the .NET project and C# codes and wondering whether there are any other ways to simulate this data (preferably using Python)


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