Maximum number of IoT Edge devices that can connect to a single IoT Edge Transparent Gateway

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The document says that default number of devices that can connect to  IoT Edge is 100 and that this can be increased to  a few hundred. Is it possible to increase this to a few 1000? 

Appreciate if anyone came across this limitation and can share if they got over it.




Number of children in gateway hierarchy

Each IoT Edge parent device in gateway hierarchies can have up to 100 connected child devices by default.

However, it's important to know that each IoT Edge device in a nested topology must open a separate logical connection to the parent EdgeHub (or IoT Hub) on behalf of each connected client (device or module), plus one connection for itself. So the connections at each layer are not aggregated, but added.

For example, if there are 2 IoT Edge child devices in one layer L4, each in turn has 100 clients, then the parent IoT Edge device in the layer above L5 would have 202 total incoming connections from L4.

This limit can be changed by setting the MaxConnectedClients environment variable in the parent device's edgeHub module. But IoT Edge can run into issues with reporting its state in the twin reported properties if the number of clients exceeds a few hundred because of the IoT Hub twin size limit. In general, be careful when increasing the limit by changing this environment variable.

For more information, see Create a gateway hierarchy.

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