Using Service Account for Office 365 Outlook Connector
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Some of the users have a need to use service account for the connection - some other account than the logged in user. However because of SSO, this does not work - even after providing username in the credential pop up, it defaults back to the logged in user. The workarounds are documented here - Integrate with Office 365 Outlook - Azure Logic Apps | Microsoft Docs

Also as a workaround, it is possible to use HTTP action with AAD authentication to call the Graph API directly.


One of the members from dev team has found a hack to get it working. For a good number of users, it has worked. If you are are reluctant to provide contributor access to the service account, it may be worth trying.




A user logs into Azure portal as and he wants to create a logic app to send emails from logic app. He does not want the email to be sent from and instead he wants the email to be sent from  Logically he add the Outlook365 action to the logic app and then try to create the connection as  The problem is that even though he specifies on connection creation, the connection is still created with  This is because AAD has the SSO feature, where AAD notices he has already logged in as and it just uses that as the credential.  




This feature/ issue lies on the AAD SSO side - can check SSO article for more details What is Azure single sign-on (SSO)? | Microsoft Docs.   


From the Logic Apps side dev member Dan has found a workaround below. It is a hacky workaround but works most of the times: 



  • Open IE Browser setting to disable Integrated Windows Authentication under Internet Options/Advanced tab. Close the browser and open it again to verify the setting is good. 



Picture for reference: 







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