Logic Apps Aviators Newsletter - July 2023
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Ace Aviator of the Month


July's Ace Aviator: Anitha Eswaran



What is your role and title? What are your responsibilities associated with your position?

I am a Senior Digital Architect with Sonata Software Europe Limited. I am responsible for delivering the right integration technologies to the customers. I interact with my team members to share the latest updates on various integrations and brainstorm the best fit for the client requirement. My manager provides me additional support in exploring new concepts and encourages us to do POCs with latest updates and share the knowledge to the wider forum.


Can you provide some insights into your day-to-day activities and what a typical day in your role looks like?

I plan my day beforehand, but it takes a different direction as it progresses.  This is what my role demands. I am involved in multiple assignments and learn everyday with various challenges. More complex it is, the more growth is my thought, and this keeps me motivated throughout the day. I also offer guidance to other teams, and I get excited when the discussion or the task is for Logic Apps integration.


What motivates and inspires you to be an active member of the Aviators/Microsoft community?

My spouse, Santosh Ramamurthy, always motivates me in upgrading my skills. He supported my learning path and noticed my passion, he advised me to write blogs, sharing techniques via forums.

I started my career in 2006 and have been travelling with Microsoft Technologies for close to 17 years. With the limited resources those days, we had challenges in getting proper guidance. We referred to books and often learnt from our mistakes. I thought our future generation should have a strong foundation on technologies which they can pass on. So, I started writing blogs, attending forums, giving sessions which will motivate the people who are new to the technology or planning to switch the domain. Resources are abundant nowadays. How to use and where to apply is our skill. Logic Apps Aviators is a community which binds the people at all levels – be it beginner, intermediate or expert.


Looking back, what advice do you wish you would have been told earlier on that you would give to individuals looking to become involved in STEM/technology?

As I said earlier, resources are abundant. Learn to use, apply, make mistakes, correct them, and keep moving. Gone are the days where a high-speed PC or a classroom is needed to start your learning path. Most of the technologies are giving free trial and lab environments to encourage the individuals and give an attempt on the new skill. It is only the interest and the passion which keeps their learning spirit on.


What has helped you grow professionally?

Passion for learning new skills, handling complexities are my best teachers.  Expand the network and time management is an important skill as we have numerous distractions around us. Tiny drops make a mighty ocean - so learning something new every day (be it simple concept or complex) and we are sure to trace the growth in the learning graph.


Imagine you had a magic wand that could create a feature in Logic Apps. What would this feature be and why?

Logic apps can create wonders in integration when some of the minor features can be incorporated to make them more friendly to the beginners.

For instance, when suggesting recurring API integration with D365FO via logic apps, there comes a question of creating a zipped package file. As most connectors are missing this action and even though azure functions / ADF / third-party tool comes to rescue, integration becomes simpler if available readymade.  

Also, a feature to track the state of the previous run – this is needed for integrations to safeguard the data overlap and thus to cancel the run automatically if the previous execution is still in progress.  

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