File Systems Connector Support on Workflow Standard Plans
Published Apr 03 2024 12:22 PM 1,695 Views

The File Systems Connector allows your workflows to connect to files shares inside your virtual network. Until now, this was only supported on Logic Apps Standard deployed under an App Service Environment (ASE) V3 resource.

The Logic Apps team, in partnership with the App Service team recently implemented some updates that now allow Workflow Standard Plans to host Logic Apps Standard workflows that contains File System Connector.


If you want to host Logic Apps Standard App containing workflows using File System Connector in a Workflow Standard Plan, you will need to make a configuration change on the app, including the following configuration setting in App Settings:


Setting Value


Make sure that you have an inbound rule on your Network Security Group (NSG) to allow the port 445 (SMB protocol) from Logic Apps to your VNET, to guarantee that the connector access the resources to monitor changes.


All other restrictions and requirements to use the File System connector are still valid. You can find more on how to configure the File System Connector here.

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