Export to Azure Logic Apps Standard feature reaches General Availability
Published Aug 05 2023 09:00 AM 2,412 Views

We are delighted to announce that the export to Azure Logic Apps Standard functionality, available in our Logic Apps (Standard) VS Code extension, has reached general availability. This tool provides customers planning to migrate from Integration Services Environment (ISE) or Azure Logic Apps Consumption with a streamlined way to move workflows from those tiers into a Logic Apps Standard project. You can then locally update, test, and debug your workflows to get them ready for redeployment. When you're ready, you can deploy either directly from Visual Studio Code or through your own DevOps process.


Common usage scenarios 


Exporting Logic Apps workflows from ISE to Standard 


With ISE being retired on August 31st 2024, customers need a reliable tool to streamline the process of grouping and exporting workflows to Logic Apps Standard. You can find more information on how to use the tool to export workflows from ISE to Logic Apps Standard here. And you can learn more about ISE Retirement and implications on this FAQ. 


Exporting Logic Apps workflows from Consumption to Standard 


Some customers currently using Logic Apps Consumption are interested in moving their workflows to Logic Apps Standard, to take advantage of a series of benefits that Logic Apps Standard brings, including: native networking integration and isolation, a group of enterprise connectors that runs natively within the Logic Apps runtime, improving performance and removing throttling limits imposed by Azure Connectors, among others benefits. You can learn more about exporting Logic Apps Consumption workflows to Logic Apps Standard here. 


  • native network integration and isolation,  
  • connector isolation, which removes the throttling limits imposed Azure Connectors
  • Compute isolation, when paired with ASE V3
  • Elastic, more predictable pricing model 
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