Announcing General Availability of the New Logic Apps Designer
Published May 17 2023 09:00 AM 6,445 Views




We're excited to announce the General Availability of the new Logic Apps Designer! Since we first introduced the preview of the designer, we have received valuable feedback from our users, and today, we're taking the next step in delivering a seamless and improved experience across all Logic App surfaces and SKUs. With enhanced performance and usability, the new designer is ready to support you in creating powerful and efficient workflows. Let's dive into the updates and what you can expect from this release.


The New Designer – Built for Performance and Usability

We've listened to your feedback and worked diligently to improve the Logic Apps Designer's performance and usability. Some of the key changes include:

  1. State Flow: By implementing a Redux store to manage the workflow state, we've minimized cascading re-renders, leading to a faster and smoother experience, even with complex workflows.

  2. Enhanced Canvas: The designer canvas now allows for easy navigation and zooming, along with a mini-map to provide better visibility of your entire workflow.

  3. Improved Search and Browse: We've revamped the operation search feature to make it more intuitive and easier for you to find the right operations quickly.


Unified Experience Across All Surfaces and SKUs

Our goal is to provide a consistent experience across all Logic App surfaces and SKUs. With the General Availability release, the new Logic Apps Designer is now integrated with Standard Logic Apps and the Logic Apps Visual Studio Code extension. The new designer for Consumption Logic Apps is currently in preview, with plans to reach General Availability later this year. This ensures a seamless experience for all users.


Continued Open Source Collaboration

We believe in the power of open source and will continue developing the Logic Apps Designer in the open. Our GitHub repository remains available for you to submit bug reports, feature requests, and collaborate with us on future improvements.


How to Access the New Designer

To access the new Logic Apps Designer, simply open your existing Logic App, and you'll find the updated designer ready for use. If it's not there yet, it will be fully rolled out to all regions by Friday May 19th, 2023.



We'd like to thank our users for their valuable feedback during the preview phase, and we're confident that the new Logic Apps Designer will significantly improve your workflow development experience. As we continue to enhance the designer and expand its capabilities, we invite you to share your thoughts and ideas with us through our GitHub repository. Together, let's build the best possible Logic Apps Designer for the future!

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