Adding Existing Workflows to Logic Apps Workspace Project with Custom Code
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In this post we are going to discuss how we can take existing workflows (and other configurations) from an existing project and copy them into a new Logic Apps Workspace project that includes custom .NET FX code.


To demonstrate this scenario, we will take an existing project that includes:

  • Artifacts (Maps and Schemas)
  • Multiple workflows
  • Azure connection(s)

We need to copy these resources from our existing project into our new project that is based upon the new Logic Apps Workspace project type using the following steps:



  • Create a new logic app workspace. Fill out the prompts as requested for Workspace, Namespace, Function name etc.



  • If you have any schemas or maps, you will want to follow this step by copying the contents from your Artifacts folder from your existing project into the new LogicApp project.
  • KentWeareMSFT_3-1688490181522.png

    In Logic Apps (Standard), each workflow resides within its own folder. You will need to copy these folders from your existing project into your new LogicApp project



  • If you have created Azure connections within your existing project, you will want to copy your connections.json file from your existing project, into your new project. 


  • If you have created Azure connections, you will see references in your local.settings.json file. Examine this file and copy it into your new project's folder. Ensure that you aren't overwriting any important information.


  • At this time, you can now compile your custom code and test your application.

If you would like to see this content in video form, please watch the following YouTube video:

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