Keyvault expiry date notification automation


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i would like to automate the Azure Key-vault Key and Secrets Expiry date notification if the expiry date is less than 30 days from the current date. Assume we have multiple subscription with multiple key vault in each of the subscription.  How do we notify the respective subscription owners when the secrets or keys are less than 30 days from the current date. There are power shell code which generates the complete list of secrets and keys in each of  the key vault and list the affected keys or secrets. But we can only send the notification to one email address via the logic app. How do we ensure that the notifications are send to the respective subscription owners?



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There are already two inbuild polices I guess you can apply and send notification the policies named as:
Key Vault secrets should have an expiration date
Key Vault keys should have an expiration date
The below URL shows all the list of available policies

@Chandrasekhar_AryaHow would you notify on this?