how to set API version in Visual Studio code for Azure Stream Analytics Jobs

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Hi Community!


Please your advise, I've been struggling to publish an ASA job from Visual Studio Code, that , out of nowhere begun to issue the following error:

[2023/3/6 12:58:07 AM] [Info] Job submitting ...
[2023/3/6 12:58:08 AM] [Error] Job 'asa-dlo-test-flatten-1' submitted failed, error detail: Job submission failed: Error: Feature or property 'Parquet' is not supported in API version 2017-04-01-preview. Please use API version 2020-03-01.
I have running on the same resource group several other ASA jobs that do similar things (like output to parquet) in brazil-south Zone, however , out of nothing it is now throwing this error and I have no clue on how to set the API version to 2020-03-01 in Visual Studio Code or in the ASA Job itself, 
Any ideas?  Many thanks!


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