Inside Azure for IT: Three cloud strategies to help you navigate market uncertainty
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We are excited to share that a new episode of Inside Azure for IT is now available! In this fireside chat with Erin Chapple, CVP of Azure Core Product and Design, we discuss cloud strategies that can help you successfully navigate some of the market uncertainty we’re all facing today and emerge stronger, more agile, and more efficient. Three guests share their perspectives on how you can use the full power of the cloud to gain efficiencies and scalability, how you can optimize cloud investments to maximize value, and how you can strengthen your security to become more resilient while you continue to innovate.

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Episode 5: Three cloud strategies to help you navigate market uncertainty

The episode is divided into three separate segments so you can watch them individually on-demand at your convenience.




Part one: Navigate market uncertainty by migrating and modernizing with Azure

In the first segment, Erin Chapple talks with Sathish Rajappa about how retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers are accelerating digital transformation by using Blue Yonder and Azure to unify their data, supply chain, and retail commerce operations.

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Part two: Optimize IT investments to maximize efficiency and reduce cloud spend

In the second segment, Henry O'Connell of Canary Speech joins Erin Chapple to discuss their vocal biomarker screening technology, and how they’re optimizing their applications to maximize value, efficiency, and IT spend by using Azure.

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Part three: Strengthen your security to innovate fearlessly and grow your business

In the third segment, Erin Chapple chats with fellow Microsoft CVP, Vasu Jakkal, about today's security landscape, how customers are improving resiliency by taking advantage of Microsoft's investments, and why security is critical for innovation and growing your business.

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What is Inside Azure for IT?

Inside Azure for IT is a destination that delivers the latest industry insights, best practices, technical training, and Azure insider information for IT professionals. There are many more fireside chats with Erin Chapple available, as well as technical resources to help you improve your cloud infrastructure skills with advanced guidance from Azure experts.

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