Become more resilient by gaining skills on Azure data backup & recovery
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Analysts estimate the financial cost of downtime due to an IT outage at hundreds of thousand dollars an hour, depending on company size. Aside from monetary damage, any unexpected outage can also result in loss of data, reduced employee productivity, and can become an overall impediment to your company’s business progress. It’s critical to back up your data regularly and be vigilant of any new threats so that your business can continue running unimpeded. 


Defend your data with Azure 

Azure’s end-to-end BDR solution is simple, secure, scalable, and cost-effective. In fact, companies using Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery have achieved a 93% reduction in unplanned downtime, with reduced maintenance and backup costs.   


Start your data backup & recovery learning journey  

We’re here to help! Our goal is to help you hone your resiliency skills. With our Skills Navigator Guide you’ll learn how to minimize downtime and data loss by securing your information and ensuring business can continue to grow.  


Download the guide and get started today

This learning guide is uniquely designed for IT professionals looking to deepen their Azure knowledge with a wide array of Microsoft resources. With a series of self-paced lessons, videos, and readings, you’ll discover how Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery unite to provide an end-to-end BDR solution with unlimited scale.  


You’ll begin with the basics, focusing on why centrally managed backup for on-premises and cloud data is best for reducing the management burden and costs of a BDR infrastructure while optimizing the speed and reliability of backup and data recovery operations. Travel at your own pace as you cover a wide range of topics on your way to a certification. 


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