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Hi All,


I am using 1 subscription for multiple users. Is it possible to set spending limit for each user.


Though spending limit can be associated only with subscription is there any work around for it. I wont be able to create multiple subscription.



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Hi @avisravi ,


I don't think this is currently possible. You define your scope (e.g. a subscription, or a Resource Group), your "budget limit", period, and then you can specify various actions that can happen depending what threshold (% of your budget) is reached. It is not linked with any identity.


The only workaround I could think of (considering your limitation to use one subscription only) is to build a model, where you do 1:1 mapping of Resource Groups, RBAC permissions to them (role assignments to users) and budgets on RG level.

Example: User John would work only within `Project A` resource group (he will have e.g. a Contributor role on that level) and you would configure a budget in that RG for a certain amount of $$.


This model has some caveats (like you typically have a team that work together on building a solution, and you want to allow that team to group resources logically into RGs based on their lifecycle), but that's the only possibility I could think of.

Thank you very much for the reply. Will check and let you know.

@David Pazdera 

Is there any progress on this?

Hi@David Pazdera 


Is there any new information considering this - One of our customers have same issue - need to have spending limit to every student under same subscription

Hi Mika,
As far as I know, there still isn't a "native" way to enable spending limits per user. And to be clear, I don't represent Microsoft or even the Cost Management PG, I'm just a community member like you trying to help and provide ideas or workarounds.
The workaround I described earlier could still work but it requires a specific way of assigning RBAC roles and setting up budgets and budget alerts.
Hi David,

Thanks For Your quick response. Will try that workaround later this week.