Mismatched names on Active Directory Group having created free MS Teams account

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Azure newbie here with some basic MS Teams admin.


So I encountered the joys of dealing with my browser getting confused over which MS Account I was logged into whilst setting up a free MS Teams account.


I have a work MS Email account - b******@outlook.com

I have a personal MS Email acount = s******@outlook.com


Somehow when I set up MS Teams it used the personal email address as the admin for the underlying Active X directory but everything else it uses b********.


No idea how it happened but is annoying as  I want to keep them separate :)


I tried renaming the directory in properties which worked cosmetically but MS Teams still tells me I am connecting to b****** and all the underlying Active X directories are still b******.


Is there any way to get the emails all consistent?


The only thing i can see that might work is adding the b**** email as an admin and removing the s**** one.


Thanks in advance.



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