Azure portal May 2023 updates
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Compute > Virtual Machine Scale Set


Let's look at each of these updates in greater detail.


Compute > Virtual Machine Scale Set

Available Now: "Recommended" Tag for VM/ VMSS sizes


One of the promises of the cloud is better efficiency and utilization of infrastructure. Towards this end, Azure provides Azure Advisor recommendations called “Shutdown/Resize your virtual machines” and “Shutdown/Resize your virtual machines scale sets”.  These recommendations provide customers with cost savings opportunities by targeting virtual machines and virtual machine scale sets that are not utilized efficiently. One of the actions recommended as part of these recommendations is to resize your VM/VMSS to a size/SKU that is a better fit for your workload.


Azure Advisor Recommendation Image.png

Above, you can see that for the “publisher-cus” virtual machine, the recommendation is to move from a D8_v3 to a D2_v3 to achieve the maximum cost savings without impacting the performance or reliability of the workload. Until now customers needed to visit the Advisor recommendations to understand the best SKU to resize for each resource.


With the introduction of the “Recommended” tag, customers can understand the platform recommended SKU that they should resize to, right from the VM/VMSS resize page.


This change has been introduced to make it easier for you to use Azure more efficiently resulting in significant savings. For more details go to the docs page.

VM Recommended Tag Image.png


Here you can see the same recommendation directly in the VM/VMSS resize page to help identify the best SKU to achieve the maximum cost savings without impacting the performance or reliability of the workload.


Updates to Microsoft Intune   

The Microsoft Intune team has been hard at work on updates as well. You can find the full list of updates to Intune on the What's new in Microsoft Intune page, including changes that affect your experience using Intune.  


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Next steps   

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