Azure portal January 2021 update
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Other> Azure Resource Mover 

  • Multi-level dependency analysis
  • Encrypted VM support
  • Health monitoring & auto-resolve for VMs

 Other>Azure Cloud Services (extended support)

  • Cloud Services (extended support) is now available in public preview in Azure portal


  • Updates to Microsoft Intune 

 Let’s look at each of these updates in greater detail. 


Other> Azure Resource Mover 

Multi-level dependency analysis

Responding to feedback, we have added an enhancement to the dependency analysis feature where users can now choose to do multi-level dependency analysis and be able to identify all dependencies in one go. This reduces the number of validation steps and makes identifying dependencies during large scale move seamless.

Users still have the option to choose between the multi-level & single level dependencies based on whether you want to assign resources in the destination at any point, and do not want the service to create all the resources till the last node.





Encrypted VM support
Customers, from various verticals, such as Banking, Financial services or Healthcare have sensitive data which they have encrypted using keys or certificates in key vaults. Resource Mover now supports moving VMs encrypted with Azure Disk Encryption and VMs with Service Side Encryption (SSE) enabled using Customer Managed Keys (CMK).


Resolve dependencies will now show Disk Encryption Set (DES) & Key vault as dependencies based on encryption type.



Users need to copy the keys to the destination key vault for VMs encrypted with ADE with a script provided, and create a new DES VMs with SSE enabled using CMK.  Afterwards, you can assign destination resources – for Key vault & DES.


Add_dependencies_destination _DES.PNG

Health monitoring & auto-resolve for VMs
Health monitoring for Virtual Machines will monitor the VM replication health once ‘Prepare’ is triggered. This involves copying of delta changes for the time between VM is ready to move and customer initiating the VM move. A health error, which shows up in ‘Issues’ for a VM if the last copy of the delta changes was created more than 60 mins.

After making edits to a destination configuration, user can now choose to Save changes or Save and validate dependencies. Save changes is selected if you want to edit other resources also, and want to validate everything together. Save and validate is selected if you want to understand the impact this has on other resources before you proceed. This avoids user having to click on validate dependencies later.

Other>Cloud Services (extended support)

Cloud Services (extended support) is now available in public preview in Azure portal

Cloud Services (extended support) is now available in public preview. It is a new Azure Resource Manager (ARM) based deployment model for Azure Cloud Services. Cloud Services (extended support) has the primary benefit of providing regional resiliency along with feature parity with Azure Cloud Services deployed using Azure Service Manager (ASM). It also offers some ARM capabilities such as role-based access and control (RBAC), tags, policy, and supports deployment templates.


You can follow the instructions to Deploy a Azure Cloud Services (extended support) using the Azure portal.



Updates to Microsoft Intune 

The Microsoft Intune team has been hard at work on updates as well. You can find the full list of updates to Intune on the What's new in Microsoft Intune page, including changes that affect your experience using Intune.


Azure portal “how to” video series 

Have you checked out our Azure portal “how to” video seriesyet? The videos highlight specific aspects of the portal so you can be more efficient and productive while deploying your cloud workloads from the portal.  Check out our most recently published videos: 


Next Steps

The Azure portal has a large team of engineers that wants to hear from you, so please keep providing us your feedback in the comments section below or on Twitter @AzurePortal. 


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