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The URL redirects to the landing page for the Azure DevOps product. I used to promote this as an URL to use to login to the product.


Since this year the page is missing the "Already have an account? Sing in to Azure DevOps" link.
As far as I can see there is no way to login to Azure DevOps trough this interface now.
There is the usual "sing in" in the top right, which will redirect you to the azure portal (or at least for me it does). 

How are we supposed to login to Azure DevOps? 

Old login: 



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The expected flow for logging in to Azure DevOps is by visiting the organization directly:<organization>.

In case you're looking for a way to log in first and see the organizations you have access to later, you can try logging in to This gives you an overview of all the organizations you have access to as well as options to leave organizations or create new ones.
OK thanks for the answer.

I would say this is not a very customer friendly way. I'd love to see this button re-added for an easy way to access your service.
who is the genius behind this?
Microsoft is just going downhill.
Even a simple login is now 10 times harder.