How to connect GitLab repository for Azure devops CI/CD pipeline

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My source code is present in Gitlab repository and I want to setup a CI/CD pipeline using Azure Devops, However I don't find any option there to establish connection between Gitlab repository and Azure devops. I just want to know is there any way to achieve this.





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I found a similar issue since 2019 at

But unfortunately, without any Microsoft response.
You need to select "Other Git" in this scenario.

But do note that inorder for DevOps to successfully clone repo you provide via a link, your repo should be publicly clonable or you need to embed username:password in your clone repo link (not advisable)



here is the steps:


Select Other Git. When you select other git, you will be presented with the following UI:



Next click on Add Connection.

You will be presented with a Add Service Connection dialog (see below)


In the Connection Name text box - provide a meaningful name
In Git repository URL, provide your git repo URL to clone

user name - provide a user name

password/token - generate a PAT (token) in your gitlab env and paste it here.


Hope this helps.

I found GitHub Enterprise Server. So, Is it possible to import Gitlab Enterprise Server in to Azure DevOps repo?