display azure subscription costs in devops dashboard

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Is it possible to display the cost monitor from an azure subscription in the devops dashboard?

I understand that Azure has it's own subscription dashboards but I have several subscriptions and would like to have one single place - devops that can collate them.



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Dear @ClarkeJohn

Not sure to really understand what you are looking for, but if your question is to retrieve into Azure DevOps a DashBoard presenting the cost of your Azure Infrastructure, I'm pretty sure there is nothing built-in for.

You have to "develop" something for, and PowerShell could be a good stating point.

Take care, Azure DevOps is not really adapted for that kind of presentation, you can develop your own dashboard with Power Bi.

So the process, could be:

  • Develop a PowerShell script getting all information you need from Azure Infrastructure (saving the result into a SharePoint List for example)
  • Schedule this script daily or weekly (depending on the freshness you need)
  • Develop a PowerBI report getting these data from SP
  • Place a link from your Azure DevOps to this Pbi report



@Fabrice Romelard 

thank you , that's useful to know :)