Azure devops unable to access azure storage account?




We are using only Microsoft hosted agents in azure pipeline, and I need to enable the connectivity between them and azure storage account. We don't want to access storage account from any Azure VM or Kubernetes or self-hosted agent hence, selected this configuration:




The request may be blocked by network rules of storage account. Please check network rule set using 'az storage account show -n accountname --query networkRuleSet'.


Can anyone guide us to enable connectivity from Microsoft hosted agent. It starts working the moment I select enabled form all networks. The region of Azure devops and storage account is also same. 





  vmImage: ubuntu-latest
- task: AzureCLI@2
    displayName: 'Download file'
      azureSubscription: Production
      scriptLocation: inlineScript
      scriptType: bash
      inlineScript: |
        az storage blob download -c test -n -f ./ --account-name testaccount



Please help. Thank you. 

Kind Regards,
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How about get the IP address from pipeline and allowing those IP address to access only?



Microsoft hosted agents doesn't have fix ip address. And if I'm not wrong, they doesn't work over Microsoft backbone network.