Azure Devops SSIS Deploy, cannot connect to on prem server

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I have an SSIS project that I want to use Azure DevOps' CI/CD. Using SSIS build for the build pipeline, it works.

I have created an agent, installed and configured in the desired on-prem server. I create an SSIS Deploy for the release pipeline, using the agent. But I am getting an error, that it cannot connect to the server.

Log snippet:

2023-01-26T02:23:43.1916043Z ------------------------------ispac to deploy---------------------------------
2023-01-26T02:23:43.1964038Z C:\azagent\_work\r1\a\[xxx]\[xxx]\[xxx].ispac
2023-01-26T02:23:43.1972341Z ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2023-01-26T02:23:43.3927735Z ##[error]01/26/2023 02:23:43 Failed to connect to the SQL Server '[xxx]': Failed to connect to server [xxx].
2023-01-26T02:23:43.3940302Z ##[error]01/26/2023 02:23:43 Failed to connect to server [xxx].
2023-01-26T02:23:43.4000635Z -----------------------------------Errors-------------------------------------
2023-01-26T02:23:43.4090460Z ##[error]Failed to connect to the SQL Server '[xxx]': Failed to connect to server [xxx].
2023-01-26T02:23:43.4126075Z ##[error]Failed to connect to server [xxx].
2023-01-26T02:23:43.4846671Z ##[section]Finishing: Deploy SSIS


I can see the ispac file in the server & I can run it manually, but it seems it can't when via Azure Devops.

Appreciate any help... please.

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