Azure Devops error-Some recent issues detected related to pipeline trigger

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I am getting below trigger error on all the pipelines to the repo-


Some recent issues detected related to pipeline trigger.

This issue comes even when we create new fresh pipeline and the error is pointing to the latest commit.

Can anyone suggest any solutions for that.


When reattech ymal file or add default value in my yml file i am not getting error.

I dont want to provide default value in my ymal file and also it was working fine before. i am started getting this error from last week of december,


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Have seen this same error, too (Yaml pipeline).
Edit -> Settings and pointing the pipeline file to a different yaml, saving, then resaving back resolves the error for us.

I investigated [this SO post]( but this wasn't the issue. The branch for the trigger already existed correctly.
Chris, we noticed this as well (replacing the YAML file solves the issue). However, this seems like a bug in MSFT as this error started a few weeks ago without any changes from our end. Would you agree? Any luck getting a response from MSFT on this for a permanent RCA and FIX?

@chriskratochvil  Any solution have you found for the below issue. Even i am facing the same.

The reason you are getting the "Some recent issues detected related to pipeline trigger" is because your pipeline has the default CI triggers built in. Since you are in the wrong branch (I assume), and the default setup is to point to a "master" branch, Azure Devops is looking for the yaml in that branch and not finding it. To correct this, edit the pipeline, go to ...->triggers. Select the yaml tab and below you should see where the default source for manual and automatic runs is located. Select that and change the "Default branch for manual and scheduled builds" to your branch. Just remember, once you have merged your branch, to re-set this option.