Winners Announced: Responsible AI Global Hackathon
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Over 760 people from across the world came together to use their creativity, passion, and technical acumen to create an open-source application that leverages Azure solutions with Responsible AI principles. 


What is Responsible AI?

At Microsoft we operationalize Responsible AI principles to ensure systems are developed in a way that warrants our user's trust and safety. We outline 6 key Responsible AI core pillars:

  • Fairness - AI systems should treat all people fairly
  • Reliability & Safety - AI systems should perform reliably and safely
  • Privacy & Security - AI systems should be secure and respect privacy
  • Inclusiveness - AI systems should empower everyone and engage people
  • Transparency - AI systems should be understandable
  • Accountability - People should be accountable for AI systems

Here are the top 3 winning projects:


1st Place: EasyMed

Bonus Prize: Best Integration of Responsible AI

Created by: Lingshuang Kong, Jim Wan, Xiangchen Zhao, Yifei Ning, Guogeng Li, Yumei Feng

An ML-driven Android application for checking drug and food interactions to ease concerns about multi-drug use.



2nd Place: Azure Rehab

Bonus Prize: Second Best Integration of Responsible AI

Created by: Alejandro Sánchez GutiérrezLuis Eduardo Arevalo OliverVictor Alonso Altamirano Izquierdo

Rehabilitation system based on Azure AI and an FPGA device which detects rehabilitation movements and gives feedback to the patient through Azure's AI services. 



3rd Place: DoctorOnline 4 Ukrainian refugees

Created by: Den Chernenko, Anton Kotseruba

Doctor Online is a service for booking doctors for free online healthcare support. It helps Ukrainian refugees to get psychological and other high quality healthcare support from authorized doctors.



Thank You

A big thank you to all of the participants, and congratulations to the winners! Thank you to the judges who volunteered their time to give back to the community! Special thanks to Joe Stamper, Marco Ng, Mehrnoosh Sameki, Paige Lord, and Ricky Diep.


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