Welcome to the Microsoft Learn Contributor Home!
Published Aug 09 2023 11:05 AM 3,817 Views

At Microsoft Learn, we’re passionate about learners. But we’re also passionate about our contributors – those of you who lend your time and expertise to improve our content and experiences.


Today, we’re announcing the release of a new hub for contributors: Microsoft Learn Contributor Home. This experience showcases all the options for contributing, all in one place. Whether you’re an Azure pro with customer experience to share or a passionate student looking to build your GitHub portfolio, everyone has something to contribute to Microsoft Learn!


The page also features stories from contributors just like you – people who love sharing their knowledge with their communities of practice. Read about why they contribute and how contributing amplifies their own learning and career opportunities. 




Choose your contribution journey 

Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, there’s a contribution option for you! 

  • Edit documentation: Help us keep our documentation up to date and error-free by fixing typos, adding context, or removing miscellany. 
  • Respond to Q&A: Answer questions in Microsoft Q&A to help others learn about Microsoft technologies. Your perspective could be the one that unblocks another user!
  • Create a collection: Curate your own list of Microsoft Learn training modules to share with your followers or colleagues. 
  • Join the conversation: Participate in the Microsoft Learn Tech Community to connect with other experts and with learners looking for support. 

Write content, right now 

We’re also excited to announce Microsoft Learn’s first training module built specifically for contributors! Contribute to Microsoft Learn documentation in your browser teaches you everything you need to know about contributing to documentation, without needing to download or install any tools – all in 30 minutes. You'll be able to complete the module and edit your first article by the end of your lunch hour! 


Why contribute? 

Contributing to Microsoft Learn benefits not only our learners but also you! When you edit documentation, your name appears in the list of contributors at the top of the article. Your commits to our open-source GitHub repos will show up in your GitHub commit history, which is a great way to demonstrate your passion for a particular technology while also building your portfolio. Plus, by teaching others, you might just learn more yourself.  


Whether you contribute a little or a lot, Microsoft Learn is waiting for you! Explore the Microsoft Learn Contributor Home today. 

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