Save up to 50% on select Dv3 VMs in US West for a limited time
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As you embark on cloud innovation, it's essential to give top priority to optimizing costs and enhancing performance. To help achieve these goals, customers can now save up to 50% on select Dv3 virtual machines (VMs) in the US West region for a limited time*. Enjoy these savings as you build, migrate, or modernize your business.


Save even more by combining this offer with other saving options, such as Azure Hybrid Benefit and Azure savings plan for compute.


How can organizations benefit?

This offer enables you to purchase a one-year Azure Reserved VM Instances that fits your specific business needs and IT roadmap.


The discount is applied to the reservation scope – resource group, subscription, or share scope – and are only available to resources in that scope. The discount is applied automatically to the number of running virtual machines that match the reservation scope and attributes. Assigning a reservation to a virtual machine isn’t necessary to receive the discounts.


This Limited-Time Offers allows for continuous cost management and cloud growth. The savings that you realize from this offer can be directed to other cloud growth initiatives and projects.


Track cloud spend with predictable cost

Several key reports are available after a reservation purchase. Create and use these reports to analyze and perform reporting after you buy a reservation.


The available reports include:

  • Chargeback with cost analysis: See the charges as they appear on your bill. These charges are shown as actual costs or amortized over the course of your reservation period.
  • Amortized cost data: Change internal cost centers using amortized data. With amortized data, the cost of a reservation is the consumption value based on the discounted price for the instances covered by reservations.
  • Chargeback with Microsoft Power BI: Review the reservation transactions, subscription names, and resource groups to identify teams using resources.
  • Unused reservation cost: View reservation waste from underutilized reservations so you can prioritize fixing it.

Calculate your potential savings

To see for yourself how much you’ll save, enter your configuration in the pricing calculator using one-year Azure reserved virtual machine instances for qualified Dv3 VMs in US West. The pricing calculator makes it easy to calculate your estimated hourly or monthly costs for using Azure. For the latest pricing on Dv3 VMs in US West visit Azure Pricing Page.


Purchase now in US West

To take advantage of this Limited-Time Offer, purchase a one-year term for Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instances for qualified VM instances in the US West region. Learn more about this offer and how your business can take advantage of it.


*Offer only available for Dv3 VMs in US West with purchase of a 1-year Azure Reserved VM Instance. Microsoft retains the authority to revoke this limited time offer at any time. Terms apply, learn more here. 


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