New Regions and Managed Identity Support for Azure Container Instances with Azure Virtual Networks
Published Oct 05 2022 12:13 PM 5,254 Views

With this update, Azure Container Instances customers can now: 


Deploy container groups in an Azure Virtual Network in nearly every supported commercial ACI region with a maximum resource request of 4vCPU and 16GB  

Region expansion planning has greatly simplified for ACI customers now that the service offers GA Virtual Network support in 34 out of the 36 commercial regions. In every region, customers can now deploy container groups with up to 4vCPU and 16GB of memory regardless of networking configuration. You can see which regions support Virtual Network deployments in this documentation 


Use Managed Identity to store and access credentials for container groups running in an Azure Virtual Network  

ACI customers no longer need to choose between using Azure Virtual Networks or Managed Identity. In every ACI region that supports Azure Virtual Networks, customers can now benefit from network and credential protection by using Azure Virtual Networks and Managed Identity for their container group deployments.  


Connect securely to critical network-protected resources such as Azure Container Registry (ACR) and Azure Key Vault (AKV) using Trusted Services authentication 

Most customers need to use multiple Azure services when running their Cloud Native workloads. Ensuring consistent network protection across these resources is critical to the security and health of these workloads. Now ACI customers can enable network protection for their critical services when using the Trusted Services authentication flow. Trusted Serviecs empowers ACI customers to pull images from a network protected ACR as well as pull customer-owned encryption keys from a network-protected AKV 


Customers can securely run production workloads with ACI container groups and access external resources that benefit from the same level of network protection. Give the workflows a try today and share your thoughts 

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