Compute Intensive workloads gain better price-performance on Azure Dlsv5/Dldsv5 VM in public preview
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Microsoft is announcing the public preview of Azure Dlsv5/Dldsv5 Virtual Machines featuring 2GiB RAM per vCPU running on 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Ice Lake). The public preview is available in more than 40 regions and multiple availability zones around the world. Dlsv5/Dldsv5 can be provisioned in these regions via the Azure portal or CLI.


In November 2021, Microsoft announced the general availability of Dv5 with 4GiB RAM/vCPU and Ev5 with 8GiB RAM/vCPU running on the 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8370C (Ice Lake) processor. The new Dlsv5/Dldsv5 VM series will extend the general purpose VM family by offering 2GiB of RAM per vCPU. Customers running compute-intensive workloads will find a better price-performance combination on Dlsv5/Dldsv5 vs. Fsv2 and can potentially reduce their Azure consumption costs.


The new VM series is available in two variants: Dlsv5 and Dldsv5. The Dlsv5 VM sizes do not have temporary storage, which can further lower the cost of entry for workloads that do not require temporary storage. The Dldsv5 VM sizes include temporary storage for applications that benefit from low latency, high-speed local storage, such as applications that require fast reads/writes to temp storage or temp storage for data caching.


Azure Dlsv5 and Dldsv5 VMs run on the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Platinum 8370C (Ice Lake) processor in a hyper-threaded configuration. These new virtual machines can deliver up to 30 percent increased performance and better price-to-performance than the Fsv2 VMs.


VM specifications

The new Dlsv5/Dldsv5 VMs offer up to 96 vCPUs and 192 GiB of RAM. These VMs work well for workloads which need a lower memory-to-core ratio.



Memory (GiB)

Local Disk (GiB)

Max Data Disks

Max NICs


2 - 96

4 - 192


4 - 32

2 - 8


2 - 96

4 - 192


4 - 32

2 - 8


Learn more about Dlsv5 and Dldsv5-series Azure Virtual Machines preview and provide your feedback

You can access the Dlsv5/Dldsv5 Azure Virtual Machines currently in preview in more than 40 regions.


During the preview period, the new VM series are available only with pay-as-you-go pricing. Spot Virtual Machines and Reserved Virtual Machine Instance pricing will not be available during the preview. Prices will vary by region.*


Signup is not required for this public preview. However, we would love to hear your questions or feedback about the new VM series. You can provide feedback for this public preview by filling out this feedback form.  We look forward to hearing from you.


*Note: Prices of Dlsv5/Dldsv5 VMs have not been populated in Azure Portal yet and will appear as “Unavailable” at this moment. We are aware of this technical limitation and plan to resolve it during the preview period. You should be able provision Dlsv5/Dldsv5 VMs as usual and you will be billed accordingly even though Dlsv5/Dldsv5 prices are currently “Unavailable” in Azure Portal. Please refer to the Azure VM price page to get Dlsv5/Dldsv5 VM pricing information. 







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