Announcing the support of Arm-based VM solutions on Azure Marketplace
Published Nov 15 2023 08:00 AM 3,308 Views

Azure now has broader support for Arm customers and partners. Partners, with solutions built for Arm-based architecture, can now add their Arm products to the Azure Marketplace, and customers can use these solutions to reduce their engineering efforts and benefit from the flexibility of the multi-architecture support. This facilitates the growth of the Arm ecosystem within Azure and unlocks new workflows and possibilities for developers to build on Arm-based platforms.


Azure publishers can add support for Arm-based solutions in Azure global regions, enabling customers to tailor their infrastructure based on their needs. With these new solutions, customers can now deploy Arm-based solutions from the Azure Marketplace and benefit from the growing and vibrant ecosystem developing around Arm-based Azure infrastructure.




Over the last few years, software developers have embraced the opportunity to develop their applications and solutions on Arm64 architecture. Customers can now deploy Arm64 optimized software solutions directly from the Azure Marketplace to increase agility and accelerate innovation. Customers and application developers can take advantage of Azure’s scalable and secure platform to run, build, and test cloud-based workloads with less overhead and maintenance.


Azure Arm-based Virtual Machines (VMs) deliver improved price-performance and power efficiency. These VMs run Linux and Windows-based workloads. To support client application developers and software-providers, building for Windows on Arm64 devices, we’ve made Insider Preview releases of Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise available on Arm-based Azure VMs.

You can access the complete list of solutions in All products – Microsoft Azure Marketplace.  You can learn more about Azure Arm-based VMs by visiting Dpsv5 and Dpdsv5-series, Dplsv5 and Dpldsv5-series, Epsv5 and Epdsv5-series, Bpsv2-series and checking prices at Azure Virtual Machines pricing.


For publishers, Partner Center provides increased access to resources to help accelerate time to market, generate leads, and collaborate with customers. Partners can publish their solutions via Microsoft Partner Center and can provide Arm64 support via Technical configuration page of their VM offer. To learn more about how to publish a VM offer, please visit Plan a virtual machine offer. Microsoft also empowers partners to engage with their customers by providing them with various Cloud Solution Program opportunities.


We’re excited that customers can leverage a variety of partner solutions to accomplish their goals using Arm-based VMs. We’ll continue collaborating with the software-providers and partners to bring even more solutions and services to Azure in the months ahead.


Have questions? Please reach us at Azure Support Options | Microsoft Azure and our experts will be there to help you with your Azure journey.

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