Welcome to the Azure Communication Services AMA!

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Welcome to the Azure Communication Services Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA)! This live hour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.


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Hi, I'm Mary Anne Noskowski - I'm a PM on Azure Communication Services!
Hi Everyone! I'm Chris Palmer, a lead program manager for Azure Communication Services focused on developer experience.

Tom Arbuthnot at Modality Systems - looking forward to the AMA!
Hello all... Ken Aiman, Lead Infrastructure Engineer, Truist Financial Corporation.
Hi! I'm Bob Serr - I'm the GM for Azure Communication Services. Looking forward to your questions!

Hello Everyone!

I'm Anthony Valentino - I lead program and design for Microsoft's Communications Developer Platform - Azure Communication Services in Microsoft's Intelligent Communication Group, including the recent launch of Azure Communication Services. I'm from Los Angeles California, so I've spent most of my career applying technology to create products and solutions across Media and Entertainment, Automotive, and Aerospace industries.
And when I'm not building software, I'm probably reading about ways to tinker on cars.

Hi everyone! I'm Shawn Henry, Program Manager on Azure Communication Services!
Hi, I'm Jorge Garcia, PM for Azure Communication Services. Working on developer experience!

@manoskow-msft  Robert here.  I'm a global MS Technology Evangelist.  Azure Comm Services are very interesting for MANY reasons and I've been positioning it already to clients.  

Louis Ayoub owner of IntelliTechs in Tampa FL.
Thanks for this AMA...

@Eric Starker Ed Hixon, Intune Admin at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Great to hear - let us know any questions you have or what is most interesting to you!

@Eric Starker Why is it so complicated to see the logs of my azure functions? and why do they NOT fire about 1% of the time?


Hi! Jozef Gazecki here for Codecoda.com @Eric Starker 

My name is Michael Washington. Microsoft MVP (I focus on using Blazor). I posted my question here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-ama/i-want-to-make-a-blazor-application-that-can-make-v...
My predecessor deployed Microsoft Defender to our macOS devices before deploying the configuration profiles,
resulting in many of them not have any content in the device timeline in Security Center https://securitycenter.windows.com/machines
and in the terminal command run locally on the computers
mdatp --health
realTimeProtectionAvailable : false
realTimeProtectionEnabled : false

I need to write a macOS script that evaluates the MS Defender health of a device's install, logs it,
and if there's a problem, deletes Defender from the computer
sudo rm -rf /Applications/Microsoft\ Defender\ http://ATP.app
allowing Intune to automatically reinstall the app which now works properly because the prerequisite config profiles are now present at install.

Neil Johnson's Rosetta 2 + Company Portal script is awesome, I'd like this script to have similar logging.