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Optimizing your Azure cloud investments is crucial for your organization’s success, helping you minimize unnecessary expenses, and ultimately drive better ROI. At Microsoft, we’re committed to optimizing your Azure environments and teaching you how to do it with resources, tools, and guidance, supporting continuous improvement of your cloud architectures and workloads, in both new and existing projects. We want you to gain confidence to reach your cloud goals, to become more effective and efficient when you have a better grasp of how to work in the cloud most successfully. To do that, our wide range of optimization skilling opportunities help you confidently achieve your cloud goals, resulting in more effectiveness and efficiency through a deeper knowledge of successful cloud operations.

We’ve curated Azure optimization skilling learning paths, modules and gamified cloud skills challenges to help you quickly begin the process of planning, deploying, and managing your cloud investments. Training topics include brand new content on the Well-Architected Framework (WAF) as well as Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), FinOps, security, and much more to help you drive continuous improvement and business innovation.


Skill up on optimization with the newest Azure Optimization Collection resources

If you’re moving to the cloud or have existing Azure workloads, we have selected a range of training and resources to assist you on our journey. This new Learn Collection is designed to help you improve your architecture and workloads, while managing and optimizing your cloud costs effectively.

Microsoft Learn Module


Build great solutions with the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework  

See our newest content on how to design and build secure, scalable, high-performing solutions in Azure using the pillars of the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework.

Purchase Azure savings plan for compute

By the end of this module, you'll be able to describe the characteristics and benefits of Azure savings plan for compute and identify scenarios most suitable for its usage.

Save money with Azure Reserved Instances

Learn how to analyze and buy reserved instances, optimize against underused resources, and understand the benefits provided through compute purchases.

Get started with Azure Advisor

With Azure Advisor, you can analyze your cloud environment to determine whether your workloads are following documented best practices for cost, security, reliability, performance, and operational excellence.

Getting started with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Discover how a range of getting-started resources in the Cloud Adoption Framework can accelerate results across your cloud-adoption efforts.

Address tangible risks with the Govern methodology of the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Without proper governance, it can be difficult and laborious to maintain consistent control across a portfolio of workloads. Fortunately, cloud-native tools like Azure Policy and Azure Blueprints provide convenient means to establish those controls.

Ensure stable operations and optimization across all supported workloads deployed to the cloud

As workloads are deployed to the cloud, operations are critical to success. In this learn module, you learn how to deploy an operations baseline to manage workloads in your environment.

Choose the best Azure landing zone to support your requirements for cloud operations

Azure landing zones can accelerate configuration of your cloud environment. This module will help you choose and get started with the best landing zone option for your needs.

Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework: Operational excellence

In this module, you learn about the Operational Excellence pillar of the Azure Well-Architected Framework, which allows you to answer these types of questions and improve the operations of your Azure cloud deployments.

Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework: Cost optimization

Learn about the cost optimization pillar of the Azure Well-Architected Framework to identify cost optimization opportunities to maximize cloud efficiency and visibility.

Describe cost management in Azure

In this module, you’ll be introduced to factors that impact costs in Azure and tools to help you both predict potential costs and monitor and control costs.

Discover more in the Azure Optimization Collection, including e-books and further reading, at the Microsoft Learn site.


Get optimization tips and tricks from Azure experts

In our Azure Enablement Show video series, hear from Azure experts about the latest technical resources on how to accelerate your cloud journey and optimize your solutions in Azure.

These two video series on cloud frameworks provide a comprehensive approach to cloud adoption and continuous improvement:

Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) series: Address common blockers in your cloud adoption journey using best practices, tools, and templates featured in CAF and shared by Microsoft experts. This series covers scenarios such as enabling your landing zones, assessing your cloud environments, and applying an Azure savings plan.

Well-Architected Framework (WAF) series: Engage with technical guidance for your cloud adoption journey at the workload level across the five pillars of WAF: cost optimization, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and operational excellence.


Begin your Azure optimization learning journey today

The journey to cloud optimization is not a goal, but a continuous process that can change your organization's digital environment. Learning paths on Microsoft Learn are not just for acquiring knowledge—they are for preparing your organization for future success. Our extensive skilling resources give you the tools, insights, and skills you need to access the full power of Azure's cloud optimization features.

Discover how to improve your cloud environment's efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and competitiveness by checking out Microsoft Learn's cloud optimization learning paths in this Collection. No matter if you're an IT professional, a developer, or a decision-maker, there's a customized learning path for you. Begin your journey now and enable your organization to succeed in the cloud-first world.


Optimization at Microsoft Ignite

Attendees who explore Microsoft Ignite 2023 learn more about leveling up their Azure through live keynotes, breakout sessions, and expert workshops. In case you miss it, view recorded sessions, including the “Optimize your Azure investment through FinOps” discussion session, to learn how you can facilitate a culture of continuous improvement in your organization.


Take the Challenge

Lastly, game on! Be sure to register for our Azure Optimization 30 Days to Learn It Challenge to compete against your peers from around the globe as you master optimizing your cloud architecture and workloads.


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