Cloud Governance Model, Actionable with Azure Native Tools - Part1
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It's an iterative process, as cloud estate changes over time, so do cloud governance processes and policies. Cloud Governance spans across the five disciplines:


  • Cost Management - Evaluate & Monitor costs, limit IT spend, scale to meet need, create cost accountability 
  • Security Baseline - Ensure compliance with IT Security requirements by applying a security baseline to all adoption efforts
  • Resource Consistency- Ensure consistency in resource configuration. Ensure practices for onboarding, recovery, and discoverability
  • Identity Baseline - Ensure the baseline for identity and access are enforces by consistently applying role definitions and assignments
  • Deployment Acceleration - Accelerate deployment through centralization, consistency, and standardization across deployment templates 



The following systematic approach can help you put together an initial governance foundation:

  • Methodology: This helps establishing a basic understanding of the methodology to drive cloud governance in the Cloud Adoption Framework to begin thinking through the end state solution.
  • Benchmark: Evaluation and assessment of  your AS-IS and TO-BE state to establish a vision for applying the framework.
  • Governance MVP: Provides initial foundation to your governance journey with a small, easily implemented set of governance tools. 
  • Extend and Improvise your Governance MVP: Iteratively enhance your Governance MVP by adding governance controls to address tangible risks as you progress toward the end state.

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