Resources to help you get started with Azure Arc
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 You saw heard from Satya at last year's Ignite 2021 just how critical Azure Arc is for businesses operating in today's hybrid and multicloud environment. You also heard the latest from our senior leadership on the newest innovations for Azure Arc, including

the general availability of directly connected mode (more details here: Directly connected mode for Azure Arc-enabled data services is generally available. - Microsoft Tech...Customers from highly regulated industries shared with us how they were able to bring the power of Azure SQL to their on-premises environments. 


So now, Hybrid team, how should I get started?!

Funny you should ask that because we have a ton of good content to share with you!


First, visit our Azure Arc docs landing page, that’s always a good place to get going.


Then, hop over to the Azure Arc Jumpstart to try all the great content available. We have 90+ automated scenarios for Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI for you to play with.


If you want to get everything that is Azure Arc in one place, try out Jumpstart ArcBox. This is a fully automated environment that will deploy everything you need, we promise!


Want to see some recoded, technical demos?! Grab your popcorn and hop over to the Azure Arc Jumpstart YouTube channel where we have many snackable demos for you to enjoy.


Microsoft Learn got you covered!

We have put in the work to create some snazzy Azure Arc learn modules for you. These are a great way for you to get going in a step-by-step fashion and earn some shiny badges.

Our most recent one is called “Introduction to Azure Arc-enabled data services” and it is awesome so make sure to check it out as well.


Demystifying Azure Arc-enabled data services @ Azure Friday


Check out this special episode of Azure Friday where Lior and Scott are nerding out on Azure Arc-enabled data services.



Azure Arc @ Data Exposed

Who doesn’t know Anna’s show Data Exposed?! Recently, she did a few episodes that we are sure you will get a kick out of. Check out these episodes!






More Ignite blogs?! Sure!

Our team has been working to get you some exciting news and knowledge. Check out these new Ignite articles.

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