General availability of Azure Monitor Container insights on Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes
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Looking for a way to unify your Kubernetes monitoring with a single environment? Do you wish configuring monitoring solutions was as easy as a single click? We have some exciting news to share today as we are announcing the general availability of Azure Monitor container insights for Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes.

From our public preview, we have also added new capabilities:

  • Support for Kubernetes versions 1.22 and greater
  • Windows node support
  • Prometheus sidecar scraping

With this, Azure Monitor Container Insights on Arc enabled k8s brings the same monitoring capabilities as our in-house offering for Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), including:

  • Maintaining cluster infrastructure health through monitoring CPU and memory utilization
  • Configure alerts to preemptively notify you of pod failures or resource bottlenecks
  • Analyze cluster workloads to optimize performance or troubleshoot issues

Unifying Kubernetes monitoring through Azure Monitor

By leveraging the Azure Arc platform, users can now connect a wide variety of on-prem and multi-cloud k8s distribution and consume their monitoring through Container insights. This includes anything from RedHat, VMware, EKS, GKE, or any of our validated partners. The multi-cluster view provides a top-level view of your cluster health across all subscriptions and environment. This helps users prioritize troubleshooting which clusters are unhealthy, without needing to look across multiple locations.



Getting started

Setting up Container insights with Azure Arc is an easy 2-step process. First, connect your k8s cluster to Azure Arc by following these instructions. Once you have setup your Arc cluster, navigate to its Resource blade and select the Insights menu item.



Once you select Enable, you will have the option to select an existing Log Analytics workspace or to create a new one.

We also provide additional options to enable monitoring in our multi-cluster view in Azure Monitor under the Containers section or simply using a single Azure CLI command or Azure Resource Manager template.



Check out our full documentation to get more information on the Container insights features and capabilities. Pricing for Container insights is based on data ingestion and retention to your Log Analytics workspace.


If you are interested in learning more about Azure Monitor, we welcome you to join our discussion at our Azure Monitor Tech Community.


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