Announcing Jumpstart ArcBox for DataOps
Published Oct 12 2022 07:58 AM 4,729 Views

With the Azure Arc portfolio keeping on growing and reaching so many customers, and with Azure Arc-enabled data services being such an important piece in the Azure Hybrid puzzle, today, we are announcing ArcBox for DataOps.


What we've been hearing from customers and partners is that the Azure Arc Jumpstart is such an instrumental part of their Azure Arc learning journey and with the combination of the newly announced Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance landing zone accelerator, ArcBox for DataOps, is our road-tested automation providing our customers a way to get hands-on with the Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance set of capabilities and features.


Introducing ArcBox for DataOps


With ArcBox for DataOps, we're bringing the same proven core design principles of the Azure Arc Jumpstart to this new offering. Providing a painless, fully automated deployment for all things Azure Arc is the founding principle of our ArcBox offerings.


We wanted to provide a way for our customers to experience Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed to its fullest right away, so we baked in multiple Jumpstart scenarios.


ArcBox for DataOps provides users with a rich, fully automated Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance so they can experience and simulate capabilities like disaster recovery, SQL Backup and Restore, Active Directory integration, and more, all while also having a comprehensive unified operation and management layer that can then be expanded to serve production workload.


The entire solution is automatically deployed and includes all required Azure integrations, as well as three Kubernetes clusters and the supported Azure infrastructure alongside a sample application so users will have everything they need to get hands-on with the tech.


To complete the experience, ArcBox has additional built-in integrations for a richer experience with Azure Monitor, Policy, Log Analytics, and Grafana. We also support all deployment types so you can pick whatever method suits your needs and skillset - Bicep, ARM Templates, and Terraform are all included.




Additional improvements and optimizations


There are many other optimizations we included as part of this release, which also improves the quality of the other ArcBox flavors- Full, ITPro, and DevOps. We bumped all the Kubernetes versions, ARM APIs, new scripting optimizations have been introduced, enhanced logging experience, Azure Virtual Machine SKU size alignments, and improved troubleshooting sections across the board.


Getting started


Ready to give it a try?

  • For deploying “ArcBox for DataOps”, visit the product page here.
  • For deploying ArcBox Full edition, visit the product page here.
  • For deploying ArcBox for IT Pros, visit the product page here.
  • For deploying ArcBox for DevOps, visit the product page here.


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