Announcing Jumpstart ArcBox - a complete Azure Arc sandbox environment
Published May 25 2021 08:00 AM 11.7K Views

It’s been a tremendous year for the Azure Arc Jumpstart project, boasting over 70 Azure Arc technical scenarios, a dedicated YouTube channel for video demos, and thousands of unique monthly visitors. Despite the growth, the Jumpstart team isn’t content to kick back and relax just yet!

Today, we are pleased to present to you the newest project in the Jumpstart family: Jumpstart ArcBox!




ArcBox is a sandbox environment that allows users to explore all the major capabilities of Azure Arc. Deploying ArcBox is simple and fully automated, and the only prerequisite is an Azure subscription. Once deployed, users have a ready-to-go sandbox for exploring Azure Arc enabled servers, Kubernetes, data services, and more.

ArcBox also comes with a set of pre-installed tools to make it easy to explore Azure Arc capabilities quickly and without hassle. With one simple deployment, users have everything they need to play with Azure Arc. 



We designed ArcBox to be packed with technology like Kubernetes Cluster API, Windows, SQL, Rancher K3s, PostgreSQL and more. ArcBox is really about giving you a sandbox with everything you need to play with Azure Arc, because at the end of the day who doesn’t like toys?!

We’d love to hear more about your experience with ArcBox and how you are using it with partners and customers. Some of the use cases we have seen for ArcBox include:

  • Sandbox environment for getting hands-on with Azure Arc technologies
  • Accelerator for Proof-of-concepts or pilots
  • Training tool for Azure Arc skills development
  • Demo environment for customer presentations or events
  • Rapid integration testing platform

As part of the Jumpstart family, ArcBox is fully open sourced, and we welcome your ideas and feedback submitted to GitHub.


Want to learn more about ArcBox? Check out the episode of Azure Unblogged I recorded with @thomasmaurer



Thirsty for more Azure Arc goodness? Stay tuned for our Azure Hybrid Digital Event coming up next month where we will share exciting news on Azure Arc. Register here for the event. You can also check out these other Azure Arc blogs and announcements:

Thanks everyone, and happy ArcBoxing!

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