Announcing Arc Jumpstart vNext
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Dear Arc Jumpstart community,


Today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of the next version of Arc Jumpstart, a project that has been close to my heart for the past four years. What started as a humble initiative has now blossomed into a vibrant and thriving community, and it fills me with immense pride to witness its growth and impact. Today, as we unveil the new Jumpstart website, I can't help but reflect on the incredible journey we have embarked upon together.



Embracing Innovation and User Experience


Our new website, built on the Fluent 2 design system, marks a significant milestone in this journey. We have reimagined Jumpstart to be more immersive, user-friendly, comprehensive, and modern. Navigating the world of Jumpstart has never been this intuitive. With streamlined menus, interactive guides, and a wealth of resources, the new Jumpstart is designed to enhance your learning experience and foster your creativity.




The De Facto Standard for Arc Technical Enablement


I am thrilled to witness how Jumpstart has evolved into the de facto standard for Arc technical enablement. Your trust in us is both humbling and inspiring. With over 100 meticulously crafted Jumpstart scenarios and our innovative solutions like ArcBox, HCIBox, and Jumpstart Agora, we are dedicated to providing you with the finest resources to enrich your Arc journey.


ArcBox offers an effortless sandbox deployment for all things Azure Arc, while HCIBox delivers a turnkey solution for Azure Stack HCI capabilities. Our Jumpstart Agora serves as a meticulously designed platform offering an end-to-end user experience, exploring the intersections of IT operations, software deployment for cloud-to-edge, data pipelines, IoT, and AI within the context of Azure Arc.

We are deeply committed to upholding this standard and ensuring your experience with Azure Arc is unparalleled.




A Cornerstone of Our Engineering Workflow: Jumpstart's Ongoing Contributions


From its early days, Jumpstart has always been a key and indispensable part of our engineering workflow. Its ongoing contributions are invaluable, not only in enhancing the quality of our Azure Arc and IoT products but also in shaping the direction of our innovations. The rigorous testing, feedback loops, and real-world insights provided by Jumpstart users have played a continuous and significant role in shaping the robustness and reliability of our offerings.


The collaborative efforts of our community have consistently elevated the quality of our products and have been instrumental in fueling our progress in both Azure Arc and IoT domains.


Looking Ahead


As we celebrate this milestone, I am filled with excitement for the future of Jumpstart. We have ambitious plans to expand our offerings, introduce new features, and create even more opportunities for learning and collaboration. I invite you to explore the new website, share your thoughts, and continue being an active part of our growing community. Once again, thank you for your unwavering support.


Together, we have built something truly remarkable, and I am eager to see how Jumpstart continues to inspire and empower the community.


Getting Started


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