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First published on TechNet on Nov 19, 2008
We’ve been at this for over a year (since August 2007), with more than 100 posts (127 to be exact), so maybe we can indulge in a little metablogging to look back on what we’ve done.

First let’s look at the posts that sparked the most conversation – because that is what blogging is all about right? If we wanted to simply publish information, we could just as easily create KB or Technet articles. Well, ok, there are decidedly fewer hoops to jump through to post a blog, but by blogging we also get to hear from you. Being in tech support, we hear from you quite a bit already. But I’m guessing many of you take pride in how infrequently you call us, so the blog opens up conversations with people we may never hear from otherwise.

The big winner here was Ned’s Top 10 Common Causes of Slow Replication with DFSR . It has five times the number of comments as the next highest post. It basically became a support forum for DFSR issues, and Ned was nice enough to oblige. To a lesser degree that is what happened with the other most-commented posts.

Top 10 AskDS Posts by Comments (Aug. 07 – Nov. 08)

  1. Top 10 Common Causes of Slow Replication with DFSR
  2. New DFSR Data Restoration Script
  3. Remote Server Administration Tools Released for Windows Vista SP1 (Hurray!)
  4. Vista’s MoveUser.exe replacement
  5. Get out and push! Getting the most out of DFSR pre-staging
  6. Kerberos for the Busy Admin
  7. What are the Schema Extension Requirements for running Windows Server 2008 DFSR?
  8. How to Enable Remote Administration of Server Core via MMC using NETSH
  9. Fun with WMI Filters in Group Policy
  10. “Lag site” or “hot site” (aka delayed replication) for Active Directory Disaster Recovery supp...

Not surprisingly, the same post topped the list for page views. But there are several that show up here with high page views that didn’t generate much conversation at all.

Top 10 AskDS Posts by Page Views (Aug. 07 – Nov. 08)

  1. Top 10 Common Causes of Slow Replication with DFSR
  2. Not enough storage is available to complete this operation
  3. Deploying Custom Registry Changes through Group Policy
  4. Documenting Active Directory Infrastructure the Easy Way
  5. Which KB articles resolve the most Directory Services issues?
  6. Troubleshooting High LSASS CPU Utilization on a Domain Controller (Part 1 of 2)
  7. How to troubleshoot Certificate Enrollment in the MMC Certificate Snap-in
  8. Kerberos Authentication problems – Service Principal Name (SPN) issues - Part 1
  9. Managing Power with Group Policy: Part 3 of 3
  10. Kerberos for the Busy Admin

Our goal with this blog is to get information in the hands of customers so they can more effectively use our products, and hopefully save some of you from having to call us for support. If you have any thoughts about topics you would like to see more (or less) about, please leave us a comment.

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