Get a 90 day trial copy of Windows 7 Enterprise
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First published on TechNet on Nov 18, 2009
Still not sure about taking the Windows 7 plunge in your company? Get a fully functional 90-day evaluation copy here .

Guidelines on usage:

  • Protect your PC and data . Be sure to back up your data and please don’t test Windows 7 on your primary home or business PC.
  • You have 10 days to activate the product. If not activated within 10 days, the system will shut down once every hour until activated. Unsure on how to activate? Visit our FAQ .
  • The 90-day Trial is the full working version of the Windows 7 Enterprise, the version most of you will be working with in your corporate environment. It will not require a product key (it is embedded with the download).
  • The 90-day Trial will shut down once every hour when you have reached the end of the 90-day evaluation period.
  • The 90-day Trial is offered for a limited time and in limited quantity. The download will be available through March 31, 2010, while supplies last.
  • After the 90-day Trial expires , if you wish to continue to use Windows 7 Enterprise, please note that you will be required to purchase and perform a clean installation of Windows 7, including drivers and applications. Please keep this in mind; Windows 7 Enterprise is not available through retail channels.
  • Technical details/updates/questions: Please review our FAQ or visit the Windows 7 support forum .
  • Stay informed . You can keep up with general technical information and news by following the Springboard Series blog . Want technical guidance, tips, and tools? Visit the Springboard Series on TechNet .
  • Keep your PC updated : Be sure to turn on automatic updates in Windows Update in case we publish updates for the 90-day Trial.
  • Microsoft Partners -: Learn more about Windows 7 on the Microsoft Partner Portal .

Still not sure after that? Seek medical attention, there's something wrong with you.


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