Which Azure tools should I use to create a subscribable data product for Stock market indicators

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I am trying to figure out whether to use Azure or AWS. I currently pull daily stock price data and perform analysis of technical indicators and candles using a Python module and a .net library in Visual Studio and I store the results in SQL server. I ultimately want to build an OLAP multi-dimensional analysis solution, but before I get to that, I would like to sell the calculated indicators and candlesticks and fibonacci ratios for about 15 stock exchanges to subscribers who can pull the raw data, via api-call or other method each day. Ideally, they would have their own api-key or some other identifier which they would append to an api call via url to pull the data in json or csv format. They would be billed based on the amount of data they pull, or they would pay a flat rate and be limited to a certain amount of api calls.
Which Azure products could I use to facilitate this? I will probably ask this same question in an AWS forum.

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