"Need Admin Approval" to register for techcommunity.microsoft.com - WHERE?

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Hello! I'm unable to register with techcommunity.microsoft.com with my current work account - I get a "Need admin approval" popup, saying that "techcommunity.microsoft.com needs permission to access resources in your organization that only an admin can grant. Please ask an admin to grant permission to this app before you can use it."

We can't find WHERE in Azure/AAD or our tenant that this app/permission is visible/assigned. My admin account is a Teams/Exchange admin, but not a full GA at this point. Can anyone point to WHERE the appropriate permission/approval is either granted or assigned? Note that I'm using another, personal account to create this post - since I can't get to the Tech Community with my work account :(

TIA for any suggestions.

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Can you share the error screen shot? One of the options you may ask your tenant global admin to sign on and acknowledge the access on behalf of your tenant

I ran into the same issue. The solution for me was to login to the techcommunity site with my Admin account. My admin account is a Global Administrator, so you may need to get a GA to log into the site for you.
Once you do, the site will populate in Enterprise Applications. From there an admin can allow the app and assign permissions.

Hi - I have a similar issue. I had to register as I am a GA but I can't find how to grant access to one of my users. @Kidd_Ip, @ian_Rosenfeld, would you know how? Thank you!

@LetiAlceda I added Microsoft Tech Community as an Enterprise application in Azure AD. After it was created, I went to 'Users and groups' and added my group with default access.

@Ian_RosenfeldI appreciate your responding! Interesting... I don't see it as an available option (see screenshot). Did you create one from the option "Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery)"?




@Ian_Rosenfeld what resources does techcommunity.microsoft.com need access to?
I also did not see this as an available option. I solved it using Ian's suggestion of logging into techcommunity with the GA account. As for the OP's question about approval: the GA got an "Action Required" email, with a link to the appropriate page in the Azure portal. Alternately, the GA can login to the Azure portal, click on Enterprise Applications, then select Admin Consent Requests in the left hand menu.