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Hello All,

I am integrating Power Apps with Azure Cognitive Search. As part of the requirements, I need to invoke two HTTP GET requests from Power Apps to Azure Cognitive Search.

  • For the first GET request (related to Searching data and retrieving data), I have been able to successfully invoke the query using the Search button (OnSelect propery).


  • With regard to the 2nd request, the objective is to invoke the GET request as soon as the user types some 2 or 3 characters such as “abc”. Based on the characters typed, suggestions will start appearing in the client app.

As per the Azure Cognitive Search tutorial, it is mentioned as…”In application code, you might bind a suggestions call to keyboard input, and a search call to a search button.”

So, I have been trying to invoke the suggestions call via Text Input box (OnSelect property). I am aware, this may not be the right solution. Any inputs will be highly appreciated.


Thank you,


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