how to host node.js on Azure

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hello everyone , Im research how to host nodejs on Azure but I need to clarify a few things
  • How many different ways of hosting a web site on Azure ?
  • How much each option cost ?
  • Which is the best ?
Somebody help me !
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Hi @leovlad, Your query is bit too open ended. There are multitude of options available in hosting node.js apps on Azure - ranging from a VM for full control, AKS or ACI, and through to azure webapps , and even using something like Azure DevOps which can be used to deploy your apps pretty much anywhere (including on prem). What works better over other is dependent on your architecture or application pattern and selection / HA requirements. And that applies to pricing as well. It will be great if you share some details on your specific scenario and objectives to be able to reach a specific outcome. Thanks.