How to create a Azure logic apps to trigger periodic mail

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I need to create a logic app which fetch data from dynamics CRM and sends a email to the people who are in contact list of dynamics crm.

Can any one suggest even this approach is correct or not .

I am a new bee in Azure 


pls suggest

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Hi @Niyanta,


From your description it seems you want to use a schedule (e.g. once every hour) as a trigger for your workflow and not an event (e.g. when a new record in Dynamics is created). If this is what you want, it's fine.


In the past, there was a Dynamics 365 connector available for Logic Apps (Connect to Dynamics 365 - Azure Logic Apps | Microsoft Docs), but it has been deprecated and replaced with a Microsoft Dataverse connector (Connect to Common Data Service (Microsoft Dataverse) - Azure Logic Apps | Microsoft Docs).


You should be able to create a logic app with a schedule trigger (Scheduling recurring tasks and workflows in Azure Logic Apps - Azure Logic Apps | Microsoft Docs), use the Dataverse connector to retrieve data from Dynamics 365, process them in the way you want, and use Office 365 Outlook connector (Connect to Office 365 Outlook - Azure Logic Apps | Microsoft Docs) if you happen to use O365 to send e-mails out. If you use other service, there is probably a similar connector available (e.g. for Gmail).

Thank David for your reply .